Now that we have time we will try finally 4 classic beauty tutorials

Every time you want to try something new to makeup you, your first thought for inspiration and techniques is the YouTube where the beauty community is a huge success and counts hundreds of content creators with unique ideas. Dozens of times have you promised yourself that you will follow to the letter the instructions of the professionals that classic look to you like a piece of cake with the proper training. And every time something else is to distract you and the efforts will have to be postponed for another time.

But now you have no excuse not to engage in something creative that will allow you to learn something new and to get up for a while from the couch and the tv. We found you the best beauty tutorial for you to have skills of a professional make up artist as long as you’re avoiding walks, outings and shopping for the common good.

The classic smokey eye

The flawless cat eye

The ideal beauty look for every day

A glam look for special occasions

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