Our favorite hairdressers is again close to us and have something to tell us

With a video campaign full of emotion, the l’oréal Professional Products welcomes you again professional hairdressers who, after fifty days of lockdown is again close to us. Entitled “The emotion does not close. The beauty opened again”, the campaign tells through the eyes of the same of the hairdressers, the unique relationship that ties them up with women and love that nourish themselves for their art.

For hairdressers, every woman is special and their relationship with the special, warm, full of feeling. This feeling never stopped, even when I closed my salons. The beauty of it, so “open” again and the hair stylists are waiting to welcome all the women at the salon, with absolute security.

After the #istandforpros, the campaign “The feeling is not closing. The beauty opened again” comes to complement a series of initiatives taken by the l’oréal Professional Products in order to support professional hairdressers, reminding all women that hair is a whole art that combines magical creation with human contact.

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