Perfect eyebrows: See how to succeed on your own

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The shape of the eyebrows can not only determine the image of the face to highlight the makeup. In the last few years, the manicured and brightly painted eyebrows was very popular. However, as times are changing, the fashion trends, the same thing is happening in the world of beauty. Now, of course, and thoroughly disheveled eyebrows, combed upwards is the ultimate trend. If you want more thick or you’re trying to fix the shape, filled it slightly in the blanks with a pencil, always in the same or a very close shade of the hair. On the other hand, especially useful will be the mascara eyebrow. The big advantage of this product is that with a pass it leaves the necessary amount of color and gives volume, without it looking excessive.

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Product eyebrow 2 in 1 pencil and powder Brow Styler the Benefit (at Sephora).

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Waterproof gel eyebrow Tattoo Brow Waterproof Gel Maybelline.

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Makara brow Couture Brow Mascara, and Yves Saint Laurent.

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Mascara eyebrow Pump’ N’ Brow of Dior.

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Eyebrow pencil Toleriane Eye Brow Pencil La Roche-Posay (in pharmacies).

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Mascara eyebrow Brow Artist Plum & Set of L’Οréal Paris.

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Mascara eyebrow Perfect Brow Mascara of Erre Due.

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A mechanical eyebrow pencil with brush Minerals Precision Brow Pencil of Korres (in pharmacies).

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Mascara eyebrow Defining Brow Gel Gosh.

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