Send lovely skin on the beach: The most complete guide to succeed

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Your mood is more elevated than ever, the bags with the hottest pieces are ready and you’re about to live the most beautiful summer of your life. You do, however, give you the attention you need in head to toe skin care for you? We made for you a step by step guide for a smooth, firm and radiant skin this year, which will make your tan to last even longer. Are you taking notes?

Three weeks ago

Put the body brushing into your schedule

Is proven to be one of the best techniques to stimulate the skin and give a smooth appearance and shine. Ideal body brushing should be part of routine care of us all the time, but in three weeks you will definitely get a chance to see results. Choose a special brush good quality and brush towards the heart before your shower. If your schedule allows, repeat the process morning and night

Invested in a firming cream

Replace the classic moisturizer with a more firming formula with caffeine or seaweed extract that targets cellulite and smooths the skin. In conjunction with body brushing this product will help you get out on the beach with vibrant, radiant skin.

A couple of weeks ago

Give emphasis on your legs

The manicured edges is a must for your summer visitors. Make sure the rubbing of the rough spots on your heels before your bath and gave them hydration with special formulations with aloe vera or mint that will relax and rejuvenate tired soles. It is worth to spend a little more time in the care of your feet, considering how I καταπονηθούν on the beach with the high temperatures, sand and salt.

A week ago

Hydration everywhere

The hydrated skin looks automatically more radiant. You can start now by replacing the shower gel with moisturizing and nourishing for the skin, shower oils, without parabens and then choose a more moisturizing composition that will act in depth during the night.

Two days ago

Exfoliation for the entire body

If you follow to the letter the advice of your skin is already softer and moisturized than ever. To take, care of your a step below, but don’t forget the scrub. Left on the edge of the mild body scrub and choose one with a thicker grain and a rich texture that will remove any dead cell while moisturize the skin. So will your tan will be more intense and will last longer if you use sunscreen products that will protect the skin from the harmful rays.

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