She is a lady: 14 satin pieces to “live” in the house alone

Photo credit: @emilisindlev

#ΜένουμεΣπίτι and we’re finding more and more clever ways to have fun. This time we add to our wardrobe lovely satin pieces, which uniquely combine comfort, style and femininity and raising the self-confidence soaring. Imagine that! Light scented candles. Do a hot bath with relaxing salts. Fill the bathtub if you want, your allowed to! Take care of your skin with a moisturizing scrub or a mask, because, as you said, and the friend, partner, and beauty guru Eva, this step I don’t skip ever. Then she put on one of these graceful satin pieces. The options are many. You can have to settle for a maxi, slip dress or to combine a satin pair of trousers or a long skirt with a top in the same quality. And somehow, the day will begin completely different from that if you didn’t do the above and just out of bed μεταφερόσουν directly in front of the computer. And despite the above routine like a dream, you have to know that the choice of the satin was not at all random. The fabric (almost a luxury, would be described) has the magical ability to look even more beautiful and seductive than you might be in reality. And this is something that you need a lot of this period. Ask your partner, the same will answer you… Let’s not kid ourselves, the forms and the hoodie, which then borrow from the closet while you have your own, it is very comfortable and χουχουλιάρικα but they can’t offer this feeling and so directly.

Maxi slip dress, Zara.

Satin bomber, Moncler.

Satin shape with rubber in the middle, Moncler.

Satin top, Vince.

Satin jogger pants, Zara.

Satin headband, &Other Stories.

Maxi, satin dress, Mango.

Satin kimono, H&M.

Satin midi skirt, Zara.

Mini, satin dress with lace details, &Other Stories.

Satin zip cullote, Oysho.

Satin maxi dress-kimono, Y/PROJECT.

Polka dots, satin top, Oysho.

Polka dot satin shorts, Oysho.

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