Skincare Guide: Use the correct amount of product for perfect results?

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With regard to the care of the skin you can easily believe that the more you use, the greater the chances to catch or to minimize the signs of aging. Did you know, however, that this approach is wrong and can have counter effects for the skin, but and in out budget;

Facial cleanser

Calculated an amount the size of a € 2 coin. You’ll need a little more to remove any trace of dirt and makeup from your skin. If the cleanser has the form of a gel reduced the quantity since these compositions make foam when they come in contact with water and act even in smaller quantities.

Exfoliating scrub

This is a product which has the same action either use a little or half a jar. Ideally, the quantity you should use is the size of a grape, and from there, it’s all about circular motion and massage in the fresh and clean skin.

Face masks

Make sure the quantity that you will use to cover each point of the face. You will need to lay a sufficient quantity of in order to look and to see dr (dry e.x.) otherwise your skin will not respond correctly to the active ingredients of the product. And here the ideal quantity is size of grape.


There is no reason to use large quantities on a daily basis. A few drops are enough, while you can even apply it with your fingers. Make sure to completely dry your skin before you continue your routine, and stopped the use of toner if you notice that your skin shows irritation and redness.


The composition and the texture of the serum is of primary importance. 4-6 drops of product in a more watery texture enough while 6-8 of these in the form of a gel will do wonders. The serum containing large quantities of beneficial ingredients, with the result that you need less each time.

Moisturizing cream

The amount you use must be absorbed completely in a short period of time and not leave a film of greasiness on the skin. Calculate a quantity of pea-size, but experiment having different compositions are absorbed otherwise. For even better result, spread the moisturizer to damp skin immediately after cleansing.

Eye cream

If you use more cream than you actually need will not only do good in the area, but you may create more swelling and puffiness in the area. 1-2 drops are enough, and make sure you apply it with your ring finger and gently pat.

Body cream

Calculated a walnut-sized amount for each leg and adapted the quantities for the whole body. Of course, the needs of your skin and the texture of the product that you use play a role, so here you’ll need to experiment a little until you understand exactly how much you need.

Sunscreen for face and body

Are you going to bet that you’re using a very small amount of sunscreen; You need at least 1 teaspoon of to protect suitable sensitive skin of the face and 2 teaspoons for each hand. Do the math and make sure you give the entire body the protection it needs from harmful radiation.

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