The Ελληνογαλλίδα doctor who knows all the secrets of parisian chic look

The Parisian chic style with the unpretentious air of the is a timeless source of inspiration for designers but also for all of us who want to add a little bit of that je ne sais quoi air to staff our style. In search of more and more girls with a parisian attitude, we discovered the Instagrammer Louise Madeleine Govilas or otherwise Ελληνογαλλίδα a doctor so chic aesthetic. He was born in Strasbourg, France, he studied in Thessaloniki, greece, he stayed in Paris for a year and now doing her residency in a hospital of Athens. In her free time, but deals with the other great love of fashion. Moreover, these two spaces may have more in common than we think, as the love for the detail, the creativity, the journey between the conception and the creation. That is why we wanted to know more about the secrets of her wardrobe, the pieces that you will wear this summer and the game around the perfect style.

Your stay in Paris and how it affected your personal style?

Paris was a very beautiful period of my life for me. I arrived there 23 years, I think I had already formed most of the characteristics of the style of my earlier, but in Paris I had the chance to speak probably more freely, and maybe my aesthetic is closer to their own data. What mainly kept is that you don’t need to strive for perfection, sometimes mismatched seemingly pieces create a surprisingly good combination, a bad hair day can be in your favor with a silk scarf in the hair, a shirt of your boyfriend’s to fit in better with your jeans than that expensive that you had seen in the window. This is the dressing game, should be enjoyable – otherwise it loses its meaning. The Parisian women seem to have understood this very well.

What pieces need to have this summer for the perfect street style impressions?

A couple of floral dresses, we can play between mini and mindy, wrapped up and buttoned down pieces. Like every summer, it’s flattering and comfortable. Necessary the good quality white t-shirt, you can always save the situation. In the summer, the position of my favorite jeans get the cut off shorts, in 2-3 different washes. The white linen shirt is also basic, worn from the beach over a bikini to the city with a nice and breezy pants. For bag I always keep a soft basket, even if you feel that trent looks a little weird in Athens, greece. The favorites shoes this is a pair of mules from raffia that I got, but the espadrilles and minimalist sandals with straps and a medium heel.

The future is the sustainable fashion and less consumption. How can we build a capsule wardrobe with key pieces?

The impact of fashion and of our choices on the environment is a subject that has occupied and has influenced my purchases in the last few years. I believe that the principle is to try to consciously buy less, invest in pieces that fit, are of good quality and timeless. Not giving in to all of the trend. Some basic questions that I ask myself before I buy: I have something similar? I can wear it in 3-4 different luke with pieces that I have? – I’d buy it if the price was different? (eg, had a discount).

Your favorite sustainable brands?

Vintage and second hand pieces! I shop a lot at Vestiaire Collective, I like the idea of giving a second life to a piece.

There is a Greek brand who can you tell?

I found the Stefania Βαϊδάνη when I was in Paris and I fell in love immediately with the aesthetics. Since then I have met and personally, made new amazing collection and I honestly think that we still see a lot from this girl.

What accounts keep track of daily inspiration?

All of the accounts that I follow inspire me in their own way. I like to keep data from different personalities and styles, I couldn’t pick one out.

There is a woman who inspires you style her?

I believe that this love for fashion and clothes that developed from small, the I owe the French my grandmother. She was devoutly all the issues of the fashion magazines of past decades, I sewed polka dot dresses, she taught me to love the beautiful, quality well cut clothes. That is the biggest inspiration to me, as even now in her 80s, continues to take care of the style and is excited by a leather shoe or a new bag.

The quarantine affected your creativity? Are you optimistic for the future?

The quarantine has changed in my daily life – different work conditions, no way out, contact with friends/family, etc. Due to profession, I tried to isolate myself even more hours outside of work in order not to expose those around me. Nevertheless, I don’t think it limited my creativity, maybe focused elsewhere – I’ve learned to use it under new conditions. I no longer see the future with optimism, each new week is a small victory. I learned to appreciate more things that I took for granted, and I hope the next day to find me most grateful, creative, and enthusiastic.

With what phrase would you describe your philosophy around the style?

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world of Miuccia Prada. The style indicates a lot about the personality of someone is the mirror of how one sees oneself and how you wanted others to perceive it.

Do you have some favorite corners in Athens, greece that remind you of Paris?

I can find ratios, but not a match. Each city has its own unique air, its own beauty. I love to walk on the Plate as I was walking in Montmartre, gazing at window displays in Athens as in Paris and drink coffee at Ohh Boy, as in the Fragments but I don’t think it would be a fair comparison.

What style swimsuit do you prefer and why?

Personally I tend to prefer the ψηλόμεσα bikini. And I can’t explain it exactly, but I find it elegant and comfortable. I have narrow hips with a small chest and the one I find the most flattering, but does not mean that you can’t get to tan with a triangular or a full length.

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