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The capsule collection is inspired by the first collection Coca-Cola® 1986, which was designed by Tommy Hilfiger. The two iconic american brand share a heritage that has roots in pop culture and have reconnected to celebrate the individuality, optimism as well as the common history with a capsule collection with a campaign inspired by their records. The women’s and men’s capsule collection, TOMMY JEANS, Coca-Cola® will be available in Greece from 16 May to shop Tommy Jeans at the Mall Athens.

“The capsule collection TOMMY JEANS Coca-Cola is celebrating a milestone in the Tommy Hilfiger story,” said Avery Baker, Chief Brand Officer, Tommy Hilfiger Global. “The collection of Coca-Cola that was launched in the ’80s was bold, bright and instantly recognisable. This re-collection is based on the original designs, celebrating the upbeat and youthful spirit in the heart of the two brand, adding a contemporary street-style twist for the next generation. Since it was released the first collection of Coca-Cola, until today, the TOMMY HILFIGER continued to be a pioneer in the merging of fashion with pop culture”.

Inspired by the original commercials, integrated digital campaign is shot in a minimalist background and celebrates the inclusive spirit in the heart of the brand TOMMY HILFIGER. The campaign has been photographed by Meinke Klein, has been curated by Luke Day and includes a diverse group of personalities wearing the collection, such as India Graham, Tyvanni Ebuehi, Zong Meng, Isabella Gallego, Kit Warrington, Mars Murray, Daniel Desmarais, Jiahe Zhang, and Désiré Mia. The campaign also includes an exclusive interview with mr Tommy Hilfiger, which will be shared on social networks, and the American designer speaks about the creation of the first clothing collection Coca-Cola.

The capsule collection TOMMY JEANS Coca-Cola for men and women restores pieces from the collection of 80’s with modern silhouettes and a new logo that combines the iconic logos of TOMMY JEANS and Coca-Cola. The collection includes sweatshirts and T-shirts in dark blue, red, white, yellow, green, and blue, with a big logo, TOMMY JEANS, and Coca-Cola in the chest, red shorts that have white box logo, a blue, red and white t-shirt with logo, a white t-shirt with the logo in five different colors at the back and a red and white zip-front sports jacket with the logo on the front. The iconic shirt in football was reinvented in red and white or blue, white and turquoise colours and oversized hoodies in vivid color with a whole of printing a collage of Coca-Cola and TOMMY JEANS logo.

“This contemporary expression of the original collaboration of Tommy Hilfiger and Coca-Cola brings these iconic designs in the spotlight of a new generation,” says Michelle Moorehead, GM, Global Licensing & Retail for The Coca-Cola Company. “The joint commitment of the brand for authenticity and optimism are evident throughout this collection”.

The legacy of the brand TOMMY HILFIGER is closely linked to icons of pop culture from the world of fashion, music, art and entertainment. In the ’90s, the Hilfiger was one of the first designers who have combined the fashion with the celebrities. Became a pioneer in the industry of fashion clothing young artists such as Aaliyah, Mark Ronson and Usher but and using musicians such as David Bowie and Beyoncé in advertising campaigns. In the last few years, Tommy Hilfiger has collaborated with international supermodel Gigi Hadid designing four female capsule collections TommyXGigi, as well as with the four times world champion of the FIA Formula OneTM, Lewis Hamilton, by designing two TommyXLewis men’s collections, for the Autumn of 2018 and Summer 2019.

Friends and fans of the brand are invited to join in the conversation on social media with the use of the @TommyHilfiger, #TommyHilfiger, #cocacola.

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