The first pop-up store of the Maison Dior opened in Mykonos

The “Maison Christian Dior” welcomed in the impressive space of a few special guests who had the opportunity to live a unique aromatic experience.

Among them the Athena Οικονομάκου, Eliana Χρυσικοπούλου, Evelyn Καζαντζόγλου, Helena Galyfa, Χρυσιάννα Andriopoulou, Marina Vernikos, they wandered in the elegant world of the “Maison Christian Dior”, experienced the exclusive collection of 22 perfumes, candles, soaps and silk scarves freshening Mitzah of the House, and they discovered their favorite compositions. The ribbon of the new boutique, cut the company’s General Manager, Olivier Berbaum.

The passionate love for perfume has always been engraved in the history of the House of Dior. Through this legacy was born “Maison Christian Dior”. It is a pop-up store is carefully designed to the last detail so that hosts a new universe of Dior, exclusively dedicated to the famous fragrance collections, and the art of the gift that has been off the House. The pop-up store “Maison Christian Dior” at Nammos Village will remain open until September.

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