The house of Chanel now produces masks and gowns and offers €1.2 million. in the hospitals of France

The house of Chanel posted a photo of Coco on Instagram behind the window of her apartment in Paris, expressing solidarity with all those who stay at home during this period, contributing to the limitation of the Covid-19 and sending strength to all those who work tirelessly in the hospitals.

Putting a priority on the protection of doctors and nursing staff of France, which was also tested by the pandemic, begins to produce masks and scrubs to meet the huge needs of the hospital. In accordance with the French government, in France are used each week 40 million. masks.

“Today, we are mobilising our workforce and our partners to produce protective masks and t-shirts. The masks, and aprons will be produced in our workshops in France,” says the house. At the same time, it offers 1.2 million. the National Health System in France and is bound to pay wages to all employees of the house for the next two months.

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