The house of Dior is planning for the modern Caryatids

“There is no better way to make use of a cloth to cut it into pieces. These pieces come together like a form of καβαλιστικής art and made our clothes. The modern woman doesn’t need the canvas of a painter, the body has this role”, extract from the exhibition “Are Clothes Modern?” that was presented at the Moma of New York in 1944, under the guidance of Bernard Rudofsky. The story is the reason to born the idea of Maria Grazia Chiuri, facing the high fashion as an art form destined to dress bodies unique and with its own identity each, a mix of fashion and architecture, two principles have to do with the body and proportions.

A source of inspiration for the female figures that we saw on the catwalk, the Caryatids with the hard bodies that appeared in a mystical setting by cutting off the breath. The Haute Couture collection for the house of Dior for the Autumn/Winter 2019-2020, took place in Avenue Montaigne 30, where it began to unfold and the story of the house, to the point that every creative director meets the legendary ateliers of Dior, the masters of fashion which transform a piece of fabric into a work of art. This time Maria Grazia Chiuri explores the pluralistic power of the black color, and translate it into graceful dynamic dresses and awe-inspiring creations that are eye-catching, like any modern Caryatid.

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