The latest data for the breast augmentation (is it safe?)

Photographer: Thanasis Κρίκης

The breast augmentation are the two most sought after cosmetic surgeries internationally. In the last few years has given emphasis to issues that arose with the inserts breast: safety and the effect they give. As he explains, the plastic surgeon Anastasios Tsekouras, Director of Plastic Surgery in the Lito: “the technique is gaining ground for the innovation of the Dual plane (dual plane) with the implant placed in two shots, in another the top and another the bottom, so that it gives a more contoured shape to the chest. The method reduces the occurrence of capsule and gives a natural result, elevates the chest with a small degree of decline, while minimizing the wrinkling local. Finally, it is appropriate for young girls”.

Implants breast and safety

With regard to the issue of security that was enough last year with the withdrawal and ban of some implants that have been associated with the rare form of cancer, αναπλαστικού μεγαλοκυτταρικού lymphoma, which develops in a minority of women around the capsule, the doctor says: “According to the new data, doctors should abide by the rules of non-touch that increase the safety of surgery and reduce the appearance of capsule. The doctor does not touch with his hands the implant, so as not to grow bacteria. There are 14 points of care, as we change gloves before getting the implant, do not use talcum powder etc”.

What to ask your doctor

“What is implant breast I have in the chest? Dr Tsekouras states that the patient should take from the doctor of an identity of the insert with the code, size etc., that is a guarantee for any unexpected to happen.

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