The new glasses of the house of Gucci is the most interesting fashion touch

Playing with bold volumes and finishes that did not go unnoticed, the Cruise Collection combines the contemporary aesthetic of the House, borrowing a cup of vintage items from the ‘50s to the ‘90s. The stunning shapes are enhanced by bold colors and special details like shiny enamel and gifted ribbed patterns. The Fashion Show collection, follows the same creative paths, both slim and oversized lines with geometric shapes.

Refined details make again their appearance, but this time, with the most gentle and unobtrusive way, such as ornate engravings on the metal elements, our associations and the iconic logo with the double G. As a unique blend of vintage charm and modern sophistication that underpins all of the Gucci SS’20 collection, models such as the Exotic Sparkle and the Bold Bamboo confirm the love of the brand for everything that is impressive and stylish. The skeletons are female and shinies, enriched with rhinestones that shimmer and patterns in the characteristic bamboo, yet another inspiration from the heritage of the brand. Tiny studs in a star shape, decorate the front part of the models Starry Style, giving them a futuristic appearance. On the contrary, the combination of acetate and metal adds an authentic old-school mood of the Classic Retro models. The myriad forms that characterize the masks in Sport Mode are a clear reference to the ski masks and mingle the style of the city with the sport.

The collection of GUCCI SS’20 is distributed in Greece exclusively by Delux Hellas and is available in selected optical stores.

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