The Pierre Fabre started the production of alcoholic solutions of

The unprecedented conditions that we experience lead us to realize that individual responsibility and social solidarity, are the first steps you need to do to curb this global pandemic. This is why the group Pierre Fabre takes the initiative for a significant energy, with the aim of limiting the spread of Covid-19.

A week ago, the groups of factory of dermocosmetics products in Soual, in the area of Tarn region of Southwestern France, in the heart of Pierre Fabre, have been fully mobilized for the production of a υδροαλκοολικού gel. Pharmacists who are in the first line and the customers-their patients are more than ever vital need to protect themselves from the Covid-19. This υδροαλκοολικό gel is not a product of the regular production line of Pierre Fabre. Produced an exceptional and needed therefore more speed and flexibility than the teams of the laboratory have in a very short period of time to:

-Adapt a production line that is usually used for shampoo.
-Use vials containing 100 ml of generally used for products of the brand Klorane.
-Gather all the necessary ingredients for the production of gel : alcohol, glycerin, distilled water.
-To print more than 600 000 labels as soon as possible.

An action that brought success in 8 days! And continue, of course, the efforts of Pierre Fabre in order to remain next to all of their partners, health professionals and pharmacists who these days is more than any other time in the first line.

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