The secrets behind the Chanel dress of Penelope Cruz

The 72nd film festival, the Croisette enjoying at this moment all the lights. On the red carpet appeared and Penelope Cruz for the premiere of the movie Dolor y Gloria Pedro Almodóvar, starring Antonio Banderas. The glittering star and muse of the house of Chanel chose to wear a creation of haute couture the Haute Couture collection Spring/ Summer 2019.

It took around 400 hours to perfect this dress from the dressmakers of the rue Cambon, which play to the fingers, the art of haute couture. It is hand-painted, a process that took approximately 200 hours.

A year ago Karl Lagerfeld asked Penélope Cruz to become the new muse of Chanel. The same was always tied up with the French house, and accepted immediately the proposal. “This dress was made especially for the premiere of the film. I had worn it in the last Haute Couture show of Karl in January in a soft pink hue. Together with Virginie Viard decided to rebuild it in blue, a color that I love very much. I always wear Chanel to the most important moments of my life. This dress is part of the latest collection of my friend Karl Lagerfeld, and I am proud that I have presented with this new movie of Pedro,” commented the star.

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