The solution for a flat belly & shapely legs

Photographer: Francois Deconinck

The fat found in our body is not always distributed in a way that flatters, while the local thickness is difficult to go away with exercise and diet. The solution to this problem is the liposculpture. This is the advanced form of liposuction. It aims to “forge” in face and body, eliminating fat locally. The surgery is performed by plastic surgeons, with a view to remove the fat from the points at which it can spare, and to relocate to any other point of need.

“With liposuction is taken amount of fat, which is processed and fed back to the body, thereby achieving improvement of the appearance, the volume, shape and texture, face and body. Depending on the incident we can achieve results in a full body with general anesthesia or local with local anesthesia or sedation,” says Dr. Anastasia Seferis–Daniel, MD, PhD, plastic surgeon at hygeia Hospital, a member of the Greek society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (HESPRAS).

The process
The fat is usually taken from areas where there is excess, such as the abdomen, the thighs, the buttocks, the knees, the back, the arms, the suprapubic area, etc. After having undergone the necessary processing, can be placed depending on the needs:
-Buttocks to increase in size, change in shape or texture (Brazilian buttocks)
-Calves in order to become more fine bodies
-Chest with or without inserts
-Face (cheekbones, nasolabial grooves, wrinkles of sorrow, stroke volume in the lips, etc.)
-Scars, μετεγκαυματικές areas, gaps from the old lipo
-Wherever needed, in order to correct imperfections and chipping areas

What to expect
According to the expert, the autologous λιπομεταφορά acts regenerating in post-op old scars or μετεγκαυματικές areas. That’s because along with the fat cells there are a large number of stem cells. The “pro” of this method include the fact that it is used a material of the body itself, so there is every possibility that you are allergic. “The λιπομεταφορά applied in a hospital, lasts up to 2 hours -depending on the incident, and not required hospitalization. It is a safe method, with minimal bruising and postoperative swelling lasts for a few days. The method is contraindicated in very thin persons, with absence of fat, and those with serious health problems,” notes Dr. Seferis – Daniel.

The return to daily activities is immediate (1-2 days). The duration of effect varies from 5 to more than 10 years, as long as the weight remains stable, follow a healthy diet and exercise.

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