The treatment for a firmer face

The OxyGeneo is a treatment inspired by the technology of the oxygenation of the skin which is achieved with the use of the head capsugen and a special therapeutic gel. As stated by the dermatologist αφροδισιολόγος Maria-Sophia Κουράκου: “we Start making micro-exfoliation to the skin in order to penetrate better the active ingredients. The bubbles of CO2 that are generated by the gel forcing the rich in oxygen blood to rise to the surface and oxygenate the skin while at the same time the penetration of the active ingredients. Depending on the condition of the quality of the skin we have to choose between the capsule with hyaluronic acid, peptides and retinol, which gives anti-aging and regenerating results or the one with azelaic, κοχικό acid and retinol for shine, nourishment and whitening. The treatment is completed with the use of scalp massage and contribute to a better absorption of beneficial substances, it is suitable for all skin types, quick, safe, painless and with immediate return to daily activities. From the first application you will see your skin refreshed, revitalized, flaking and shiny”. For a comprehensive treatment and duration of effect required for 4-6 sessions per week. Information: Maria-Sophia Κουράκου (Athens and Kos, tel.: 210 7483305). See all of the certified clinics that do the treatment, OxyGeneo in Greece:

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