The ultimate guide to manicure at home #MenoumeSpiti

Photo: @aliciatnails

Step 1: Clean the base

When you do a manicure in a professional space, have you noticed that the nail artist follows a process of preparation on your nails. You have but to follow faithfully the example of the specific to get on your own the perfect result that you desire. Do the beginning, passing each nail with cotton soaked with nail Polish remover, which will remove from the base natural oils or residues of color from a previous manicure. Don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water when you’re done.

Step 2: The nail file and buffer

“Give them shape with a nail file and from the edges toward the middle, without making back and forth movements with this. If the base is thin, follow the above way, but keeping the file in one straight on the nail and with a slight downward slope. This way you will avoid breaking.”, advise the μανικιουρίστ of celebrity Deborah Lippmann. Then, spent the nails slightly with a buffer so as not only to λειάνεις the surface and the edges, and to remove natural oils that tend to accumulate on it.

Step 3: The cuticles

The skin at the base of the nail needs to equally care for to show your manicure clean and tidy. How are you gonna accomplish? He bet in a few drops of a cuticle remover. In contrast with the cuticle oil (olive oil) which gives hydration to the cuticle, the cuticle remover is an exfoliating treatment that offers easy removal. And because you may not have πρόλαβει to renew recently, the makeup bag with all the essentials for a manicure at home – I don’t know what to expect – and may not possess a cuticle remover, I have the alternative: Submerge your hands in a bowl of warm water for five minutes to soften the cuticles. Whichever way you choose, the course will need the special stick to push slightly the skin around the nails.

Step 4: Time for a scrub

What better than to accompany the manicured edges, the soft and shiny skin of the hands of you? Remove the dead cells from the skin with a product to scrub, which contains moisturizing agents and will give your hands a silky texture. Spread it with circular movements till the elbow. Then, wash and dry them well.

Step 5: Ritual of hydration and wellness

As well as take care of, after the scrub, to aid the moisture of your skin with a moisturizing cream, just do a mini massage on your hands that will relax you from the tension of the day. At this point you will need it again in the cotton and acetone to remove the nails of any excess cream.

Step 6: Shield of protection – the base coat

He bet in a varnish base so as to prevent yellowing and peeling on your nails and wait two minutes before you get to the color application.

Step 7: Put color

Then paint them in the hue of your choice by placing the brush at the base of the nail and move towards the bottom/edges. Once dry the first layer, repeat to cover any imperfections and to aid the color. Remove the excess Polish around the nails with a cotton swab impregnated with acetone.

Step 8th: Flawless finish – the top coat

Lock the flash and the duration in color with a thin layer of top coat and you’re ready.

Shopping list:

Nail Polish La Laque Couture No. 12 of Yves Saint Laurent.

Base that prevents chipping of nail Polish first base coat by essie.

Nail Polish Gel Effect Nail Colour, Crunchy Pistachio of Korres (in pharmacies).

Moisturizing cream for nails and cuticles with coconut oil Nail & Cuticle Cream With Coconut Oil of the essence.

Nail Polish Daydream of the Chanel.

Product manicure with four surfaces for shape, grinding, polishing and flash 4-Step Buffer, Sephora.

Varnish top coat Glossy Gel Top Coat of Naj Oleari (the notos).

Product exfoliating for the body Madagascar Scent Scrub Vanilla Monoi of Erre Due.

Moisturizing hand cream Love Story of Indigo Nails Lab,

Exfoliating treatment for the cuticles with fruit acid Cuticle Eraser of the CND.

Varnish top coat with enhanced formula for quick dry RapiDry Quick Drying Top Coat by O.P.I.

Moisturizing body cream Nourishing Body Lotion of Caudalie (in pharmacies).

Corrigendum pen manicure Azade (in Hondos Center).

Chopsticks mani of Dust + Cream.

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