The vegan hair products that will change the routine beauty regimen to us

Inspired by the standards of classical beauty, the Nature Box fills every aspect of our lives with positive energy. With the aim of sustainability and respect for people and the environment, the four unique Vegan product lines Nature Box with natural oils 100% Cold Pressed and packs of 25-percent recycled plastic, offering a unique pampering experience, highlighting the natural beauty of hair. The process of Cold-Press is a premium method of extraction of oil which requires low power consumption, while at the same time maintains the high quality and the nutrients of the fruit or of the fruit.

The way of life these days is driven by the sense of responsibility and values of sustainability. The generation of millennials inspires, creates trends and selects authentic and consciously the natural beauty that comes from within! The Nature Box, adopting the global trend, offers what is best from the nature in the service of beauty.

The oils extracted through the process of Cold Press are qualitatively superior to the rest of the oils, as well as maintain entirely high nutritional value. This is why it is known as some of the most effective ingredients that can be used in beauty products. The four unique product lines Nature Box containing oil 100% Cold Pressed from Avocado, Apricot, Almond and Pomegranate. The oils contained in all of the Nature Box products have not undergone any additional processing, so they retain all the valuable vitamins (A, B, C, D, E), antioxidants and fatty the acids. All products in the range have a Vegan formula , does not contain silicones and artificial colouring, while the shampoo not containing sulfates, thus creating a thin protection filter and flash to your hair without the weigh!

Combining the unique quality and high standard production techniques with a commitment to sustainability, the Nature Box works with international organisations supporting small farmers in the production of sustainable raw materials. In India it collaborates with the company Solvay and the non-profit organization TechnoServe for the production of sustainable fruit guar, an ingredient which is raw material of all products in the series Nature Box. Respectively in Nigeria, with the developing agency Solidaridad, with the goal of producing a sustainable oil palm, one of the components of the series. Finally, 25% of the packaging of the product is made from recycled plastic.

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