There are trends in eyebrows?

The hair color, the haircut, the makeup, are the changes that we can dare to face us. But of course, a very important role is played by the eyebrows, which can change radically the image of us. If you’re looking to try something new, you need to learn these new trends.

Natural eyebrows

The beauty bloggers made trend full eyebrows. But now we can leave of course, without even fill in the blanks. Apply just a translucent gel to remain stable.

The soap brows

I succeed passing over a bar of soap to give it a more fluffy effect, a little more teenage as a result.

Different color

Removed no longer the rule that says that your eyebrows should have the same tone with your hair. Can you dare even a contrast!

The brows with highlighter

To give a glow effect to the face, apply on the arc of a small amount of product flash.

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