These 5 beauty looks we fell in love at first sight

90s supermodel glam

Matt shadows, neutral tones and classic black eye liner join forces in a beauty look that is reminiscent of the most striking instances of the catwalks in the 90s in a throwback that excites us. This is a makeup that is all we can copy at home after bets on neutrals, light cover in the rest of the skin and juicy nude lips, which complete perfectly the look as suggested and my favorite make up guru to the stars, Ash K Holm.

Photo: ashkholm

Natural Sparkle

The most beautiful, natural and on-trend way to transform the minimal daily makeup in the perfect party look? The glitter and the sequins of course, but you knew that already. But did you know that if you bet on this striking touch to not have to do anything else? Bet on products that give light coverage and give shine to your lips with a subtle gloss or just follow what the advice of Dana Vaughan and success is a given.

Cool Coral

The color palette of the season there is nothing more spring than a bright coral, which just happens to match any skin type. Here, Patrick Ta, of the greatest celebrity make up artists of the last few years, creates a look-a feast with tons of peach and coral, combining eyes, cheekbones and lips in the same shade with the most fresh way.

Photo: patrickta

Tomato Lips

The red lipstick was, is and always will be necessary in the makeup bag of every woman who loves the classic beauty and the polished beauty looks. But now a new shade is coming to bring the top down and listening to the name tomato red, the red of the tomato, which is a little more orange and gives lips super juicy and youthful result. For even more originality combine with pink shade in the eyes, and natural cover in the face.

Photo: roseinc

Smokey Red

How it fits in all the smokey you know for sure. But how many times have you away creatively from your usual neutral colors for a more whimsical shadow? Because we know that you’re doing rarely we recommend you to play with one of the biggest trends and must-try red for the smokey makeup you. The only thing you can do is to avoid the excesses of the rest of the face for a natural result that will surely attract the looks.

Photo: josecorella

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