This is the ultimate guide for perfect brows 24/7

The Wisdom Can be shared with you all the techniques and the accessories that you need to know to improve the most strong point of your face, your eyebrows.

1. The shape

The features of your face are the ones that will lead to the design of the correct length and shape of the eyebrow. If you split it in three, the eyebrow, the thick section will have to start from the edge of an imaginary vertical line that ends up in the fins of the nose. The bow, i.e. the curve of the eyebrow, should be in the middle and the thin of the edge should protrude slightly from the inner corner of the eye. The eyebrows that form a big harmonious curve of feminine. On the contrary, when the shape follows a straight line, the person acquires an androgynous style.

2. H density

If your eyebrows are sparse, you can fill in using a pencil, gel or the special shadow eyebrows – the best solution for novices. In brown, the perfect shade of eyebrow is two tones lighter than natural hair color. If your hair is blonde or if you have a lot of white, eyebrows should be highlighted with a shade two tones of darkest to not show the skin, listless. Not to “toughen up” the look, pointed eyebrows with small short strokes following the direction of the hairs, and with a lip brush eyebrow wipe gently to remove the excess color.

3. The color

The colorists advise: When you make a dramatic change in the color of your hair, you can change the color of the eyebrow, but never in the house alone. You need to let the experts do the change. A rough but effective solution is to lay the eyebrows mascara to the σκουρύνεις or concealer to the ξανοίξεις.

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