This trend in manicure spring brings and lifts us up

These days we don’t spend very well. Something to stay in the house, something, hair, nails and eyebrows us who want directly to fix… we don’t want to fall into psychological. Fortunately, however, we find solace in instagram, where we identify and save every nugget of beauty inspiration that we come across with the purpose of… great that you get out of quarantine.

One of the trends that we loved is the one with the blossom φλοράλα manicure where other times starring the daisies and other more elaborate designs with more colors. We don’t know if you are a fan of nail design but maybe the following chic ideas to persuade you to try something different at your next appointment for your mani.

Photo: nailthoughts

Photo: beautybarhellerup

Photo: betina_goldstein

Photo: malujmi_jagoda

Photo: nailsbymei

Photo: oliveandjune

Photo: oliveandjune

Photo: narinanails

Photo: sofiii.nails

Photo: yeswhatnails

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