Three suggestions makeup for irresistible impressions

The glistening hue of the pearl can be contained in makeup products that give the skin a youthful freshness and brightness. The reason for the highlighters (cream, powder, liquid etc.) in recent years they have added strong doses of flash on appearances and have rightly earned the title of hero product. What changes this year? Wear them in smaller doses and at specific points, adopting a more natural and minimalistic luke.

From the vegan palette Crystal Power Blush & Highlighter Palette of essence, apply the πουδρένια highlighters in the inner corner of the eye, the ridge of the nose, high in the cheekbones or the temples with a brush fan or dab with fingers. Also, the palette combines blush in the shades of cranberry and peach that give the face a fresh appearance.

For those who prefer to escape the mundane and experience the most modern there is, we suggest the following: Eyes are painted in terracotta tones or in shades of red wine. It’s worth a try!
On the other hand if you are a fan of down-to-earth makeup, adopt-a-smoky-eye luke in the new “it” color of winter, the colors of cinnamon.

But what is it that excites real women who love makeup and want a professional result to the luke them? An eye shadow palette that includes all of the must have shades. Specifically, the Epic Sunset Eyeshadow Palette of essence is inspired by the colors of the sunset in the desert and includes 14 matte, iridescent and metallic shades of gold, pink and purple until the colors of cinnamon, red and brown. Thanks to the soft texture of the shadows are easy to mix and give you the ability to create every day a different spectacular eye makeup.

Funky monochrome: Play with the palette of the most girly colour, applying a purple or fuchsia shade in the outer corner of the eye, and then put it out with a move upward to the aspect. Apply the same shade over the lower lashes. Complete with pink iridescent shadow in the center of the eyelid to capture the sparkle in the eyes.

The eye shadow palette Crystal Power Eyeshadow Palette of essence makes your eyes shine like crystals! Includes eight bright colors and a matt who thanks to their lightweight composition, easy to apply with fingers, without a brush.

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