Top 5 allies to win the battle with cellulite

Faithful to the beliefs of the benefits that make the active substances in a product for topical use, dr Murad suggests before you choose anti cellulite creams make sure that they contain:

Caffeine that reduce fat

Justly regarded as the “queen” of lipolysis, since it has not yet been found a substance more effective than that for “empty” fat cells. As for the white traces left, older on the skin, there is no reason to worry, as the new technologies have solved the problem with creating product with a texture of creamy gel.
If you prefer creams with caffeine in its pure form and maximum concentration of at least 6%, if you want to see immediate and visible results.

Retinol for even skin.

The active this derivative of vitamin A is not combat cellulite, but, by activating the production of collagen, makes the skin firmer and more compact, with the result that the appearance of the skin to look more uniform. However, the retinol takes time to act. Very recently, in research laboratories of a famous cosmetics company has proved that the combination of these ingredients in a cream coat reduced the cellulite from the area of thighs and arms with regular use twice a day for 12 weeks.

Discovered even 3 miracle ingredients anti cellulite in the

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