Top 8 Kids Teepee to Suit Every Pocket

That brings us to kids teepee. A teepee is a small conical tent usually made up of cotton and held up by wooden/bamboo sticks on four corners. A teepee can be placed in kids playroom, nursery or even outside on porch as per your liking. Since it is highly portable, you don’t need it to be fixated in one place. These come in varied themes in a set which includes the tent, floor mat and a set of matching cushions. You can check some super cute kids teepee options.

Teepees come in many varieties to suit every taste and every pocket. Let us check these out as under.

1.Canvas Tent Teepee: As the name suggests, these teepees are made up of the canvas. They are both sturdy and tough, which means they are ideal choice to bear the onslaught of outside weather or can be equally cool when you want to stay put up inside. All in all, best hideout and play set-up for your rough and tough tots.

2.Themed Teepees: Kids teepees come in various themes to match your kid’s dreams and fantasies. BabyUniqueCorn is selling an exclusive collection of handmade options and their most popular themes are Star in the sky, Boats on the waves, Grey Mist, Angel’s Star to name a few. Since these are all handmade, it takes anywhere around 5 – 7 days to craft a set post an order is placed and another 3 -5 days for the shipment to reach you.

3.Tent teepee: Unlike the regular conical teepees, tent teepees have a trademark hut rooftop like shape. They are sturdy and have windows on either side and two pin-up curtains in the front to complete the look. If you are looking for a robust and sturdier option, this is the one to check out for.

4. Bed Canopy set: Bed canopy can be mounted over a child’s crib making a small hideout. It also gives sun protection and safety from insects and mosquitos. It can also be ceiling or wall mounted or can be placed over an adjustable stand which can be purchased separately. The material used is usually 100% cotton and comes with accessories like matching cushions and felt hangings to give that magical look and feel.

5.DIY Teepee: Teepee Crafter kit set is specifically made for your creative kid. It is literally like a clean canvas which you can decorate as per your liking. A kit includes plain tent, tent sticks, cushion set along with crafting materials like feathers, beads, stencils, fabric markers, garlands, and banners. What’s more? You can always add a dash more creativity by procuring paints and glitters from your nearest craft store.

6. Glow in Dark Teepee: Another popular option to brighten up the night is glow in dark kids teepee. These come in various pattern and designs to fuel every child’s fantasy. The one with stars and crescent moon design theme is an absolute favorite with most if not all. Also available in larger sizes, they allow kids to snuggle with their parents or elder siblings in their favorite hideout place.

7.Transformable Teepee: Marketed with different themes, major USP of this product is that it can transform into a teepee from a regular gym mat in no time. This versatile kids teepee is a portable space saver option. However, the given benefits come at an added cost so it is a little pricey but an ideal option to consider if your little one is a fitness freak as well παιδικα καθισματα αυτοκινητου 

8.Open Top Teepee: Unlike traditional teepees, this one is open on top and is a great option to consider if your kid is a bit claustrophobic and is a bit scared of closed spaces. Open top teepee allows the parents to keep a close check on their little ones.

The market is full of some great teepee options to satisfy the whims and fantasies of every kid out there. At BabyUniqueCorn, kids tipi are handmade with love. These are sold in sets with matching shaped cushions to complete the look. Mesh windows on either side let a kid peep outside their small tent house and allow the parents to keep an eye on their playing munchkins. The fabric used is 100% skin friendly and safe for your kids.

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