Top tips to get the most beautiful curls

1. The right shampoo is a must

Photo: @curlyhairkillas

You thought that your curly hair need to shampoo smoothing hair? Wrong! Experts suggest compositions that moisturize without to smooth the hair so that the curls to stand tall all day.

2. Use conditioner daily

Photo: @curlyhairkillas

Frequent shampooing is the enemy of any type of hair but this is even more true for you that you have curls. For great hair stick to shampooing 2 to 3 times a week but use conditioner on the lengths and ends every day.

3. Spread the products styling on wet hair

Photo: @curlyhairkillas

The annoying frizz makes the appearance of the time the hair will start to dry and even when dry, of course. The right time to lay the products of styling, such as the foam for curls, do you prefer it when your hair is still wet from the shower.

4. Choose the appropriate hair dryer

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A key part of styling the curly hair is a good hair dryer with a tunnel that will give the curls the perfect shape. Throw your hair forward and dry your hair in small δόσεςι holding the tunnel near your head for 15 seconds at a time. Don’t touch your hair during the drying, the only thing you accomplish is to make it to frizz.

5. Give attention to sprucing up

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To refresh the look of your avoid sleeping with wet hair. The only thing you’ll need is a good spray for curls which will spray it until it is fresh and will be breaking in a shape with your fingers.

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