We booked the summer in a box


On our vacation we want to feel and look wonderful, so the suitcase will hide the must-have products for our personal care. Fortunately, the Messinian Spa they have all the necessary in collectible Vintage Box, with unique retro packaging. You will find them in 2 wonderful designs with 4 different combinations of products and is an ideal gift for your loved ones but also for you.
All of the Vintage Box containing four fantastic products Messinian Spa and 1 gift! It is available in selected pharmacies and at www.messinianspa.gr/

Aquaholic Summer Essentials
– Body yogurt & aloe 250ml
– Face & Body Sunscreen 30SPF 2 in 1 yogurt – carrot 250ml
– Shower Gel yogurt & aloe 300ml
+ GIFT – Aloe Vera Gel organic aloe & panthenol 100ml

Sparkle like glitter and shine like a star
– Everlasting youth – dry oil 100ml
– Hair & Body Mist 100ml
– Hand & body cream 250ml
+ FREE – Micellar Lotion Make-up Remover 3 in 1 cucumber-aloe 55ml

Ecolife Tropical Vibes
– Hair & Body mist coconut – heliotrope – vanilla 100ml
– Body Yogurt Hemp & Coconut 250ml
– Organic virgin Coconut oil 190ml
+ FREE – Face wash cucumber – orange 55ml

Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be!
– Hair mask pomegranate – laurel 250ml
– Precious Hair Oil argan – grape – almond 100ml
– Leave-in conditioner argan – grape – almond 150ml
+ GIFT – Hair conditioner 55ml

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