We went to the show of Calzedonia Verona

We couldn’t say no to the proposal of the Calzedonia to closely observe the Leg Show 2019. Our destination was Verona, Italy, where organized the most frantic fashion party. Besides, this year marks 60 years since the invention of pantyhose, another occasion for a party, that is. The protagonist was, of course, the tights. The catwalk was presented through a majestic entrance to a Grand Hotel, an imposing figure thanks to the stage that represented the facade of a hotel with the atmospherically-lit rooms where the doors open and close by playing with the lights and shadows, giving life to a series of different scenes that alternated with the trends that told their own story on the catwalk.

The biggest trend for this season? Logomania! Pantyhose covered with letters, such as the large-sized logos with letters CLZ or the letters the entire length of the foot for a graphic lace effect. For the most daring, metallic and shimmering textures for even more shine. Tights and leggings are transformed into dazzling elements that captivate and steal the look of the clothes, illuminating and the more minimal look.

The plans play a key role in the creative symbolism of the collection. Some of the most attractive designs are, without a doubt, the designs with Brit-style such as pied de poule, plaid style with macro-diamonds and the subtle stripes in the style of Oxford Street.
Warm and comfortable pieces of kashmir through a combination of glitzy knit in different shades of red for a warm and cozy cocoon effect.

In the first series of the show hosted celebrities, such as super model of Hungarian origin, Barbara Palvin, who had been the face of the summer collection Calzedonia and top influencer with 12,9 million. followers on instagram. Special guest of the show, Chiara Ferragni, digital ambassador of the brand for a few years.
In parallel with the show in hôtellerie mood, made various digital activations with a view to further strengthen the trend of logomania collection.

The makeup and hair, all bear the signature of the Mac Cosmetics (responsible for the Michelle Magnani) and Cotril (in charge of the Giovani Iovino), respectively.

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