What do you know about the trend of wardrobing;

You may have heard of the term “Wardrobing”, maybe not, but in essence describes a usual behavior of the last few years, buying an outfit for an appearance, you can wear this with the tag and then return it. Many people do, is a common phenomenon and more fashion brands “struggling” for how you will manage it.

The DIESEL manages it with a sense of humor like he always does and launches its new fall campaign called “Enjoy Before Returning” with a playful attitude towards this controversial phenomenon.

The DIESEL is facing the Wardrobing in a way that only she knows. All the pieces of the collection were photographed for the campaign (even glasses and watches) are in a conspicuous place the sign of the brand. For the visualization of this campaign, the photos and the videos have been staged by the photographer Angelo Pennetta.

The campaign is accompanied by a self-deprecating video that is staged by the Similar But Diferrent. Depicts party goers dressed in DIESEL outfits with the tags of clothes in a conspicuous place on the clothing! The self-deprecating this video sounds like a voice that says, ironically, the conditions for reimbursement of the washing machine.

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