What is the microbotox and why to prefer it;

The new methods focus on this, with the doctor to introduce smaller quantities of substances on the skin. As stated by the plastic surgeon dr. Peggy Σαρόγλου: “the technique of Microbotox can improve the texture of the skin by reducing fine wrinkles. Due to the surface injection, the botulinum toxin is targeted to the sweat and sebaceous glands of the skin as well as to the retractors muscles of the hairs that are present on the surface. The skin becomes less oily, with shrinking resources and looks more smooth and glowing. During the treatment are made small injections with a very fine needle superficially under the skin, while maintaining natural mobility in the region. The treatment can be applied to forehead, around the eyes, in the lower part of the face and neck by correcting the contour and the corners. Contribute and new injection techniques of hyaluronic (Delta Lifting) where small quantities at different levels to form triangles in the shape of a Delta, which bristle and correct the shape of the face, while at the same time promote the production of collagen”. Info: drsaroglou.com

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