What to watch before you get plastic surgery on my nose?

The interventions in the nose to correct previous nose jobs are up 15%, according to the literature. Comments Athanasios Skouras, a surgeon, otolaryngologist, president of the Hellenic society for Functional Rhinoplasty “approximately 60% of the people who visit me have ξαναχειρουργηθεί in the nose. For what reason? The surgery is very difficult and requires you to have vast experience. That’s why I’m in favour of the specialisation of a doctor”.

What can go wrong? “The reasons vary. For example, there may have been an overcorrection in the first surgery. In an effort to achieve the thinning of the nose, the doctor is likely to remove more cartilage and thus the patient cannot breathe properly. When you come to an event like this I have to get bone even from the pelvis, cartilage from the ears and place them back where they were removed”.

What to look for before I do surgery? “I suggest those interested to do a good research and they want to see how he made the doctor noses as their own. Be addressed to a doctor with expertise in rhinoplasty, training and experience”. Info: askouras.gr

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