What you need to know about the new fillers;

The fillers of hyaluronic acid in the last two decades have made enormous progress. However, as mentioned by Konstantinos Spiliopoulos, plastic surgeon, Doctor of the medical school of Athens university, “what really is revolutionary is the new product MTI-12 we expect from France, which have invested large sums in research and clinical trials. It will be filler for much longer than ordinary implants, and will have the ability to regenerate the tissues by correcting damage resulting from old age or from trauma”. A harbinger of this is the implants do more than just offer a fill-in person. Referring to the new generation of implants, the expert says: “Apart from the areas vacated by the passage of time and need replenishment volume, with the use of the appropriate material we can intervene in the entire area of the face and to create the features that we want. These can be the angles of the face, the lips, the nose, the dark circles of the eyes or the chin. We can also play with the shadows and the lighting of specific points in order to hide flaws, achieving results that in the past would have required surgical intervention. The specific materials, thanks to two patented patents (velvet technology) have uniform distribution and degradation, and due to the homogenization of the hyaluronic required much smaller quantities of additional materials to processing. The average duration of the result is in a year. Info: kspiliopoulos.com

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