What you need to watch before getting liposuction?

Photography: @camilacoelho

What can go wrong? “If the excess of skin in the area is great, there is a risk of “hitching” μετεπεμβατικά, so it is important the experience of the plastic surgeon in the selection of patients. In the case of a large excess of skin conscripted the scalpel to remove the relaxation. The training of the plastic surgeon is crucial, as if the liposuction performed at the wrong level of tissues, then it will show up unevenness on the skin surface. It is also good for the skin to be firm, because a strong muscle system offers a more beautiful result than a flabby”. Additional, we also have to follow the doctor’s instructions post-surgery: it is necessary to wear elastic strapping for 1 month, in order to have proper healing and to not loosen or creasing the skin. Also avoid physical exercise that the space and maintain a stable weight.

What to look for before I do surgery? “The doctor must be accredited to the Greek Company of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (LEGAL) and have expertise in aesthetic plastic surgery,” says mr. Cretan.

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