Why add peptides in to care for me?

In just a few years peptides have entered in potable products, cosmetics and treatments in the infirmary. As mentioned in ELLE the dermatologist Maria Kardasi, president of the Hellenic Academy of anti-Aging, biomimetic peptides are synthetic compounds but mimic the amino acids that compose the body and promote youthful appearance. “To fight the skin relaxation, we combine injections with biomimetic peptides that do surface in the face with injections of PRP with which we import deep into the skin platelets from our own blood. There εμβυθίζουμε the threads of a person in the form of a mesh and offer a lift. A method that we apply on the neck is injections of botulinum toxin intramuscularly in the area and hyaluronic acid on the horizontal wrinkles in combination with peptides that act rejuvenating”. Info: mariakardasi.gr

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