Why choose this sunscreen;

Recent studies, which examine the ecological footprint of sunscreen on the marine ecosystem and in particular the corals, have shown that certain UV filters contained in sunscreen and specifically oxybenzone and octinoxate are suspicious for discoloration and bleaching of the coral (Coral Bleaching). The coral is the main pillar of the marine ecosystem, as well as about a quarter of the organisms that live in the seas depends on them. With these data, several countries and states of America like Hawaii and California have banned the use of sunscreen containing these two components.

The NIVEA SUN, as a world leader in the category of sunscreen, do not use these ingredients in the compositions and concentrates its efforts not only to offering the best to the consumer but also to significantly reduce the environmental impact of its products on the marine ecosystem. The NIVEA always aims at more sustainable solutions for its products, as well as the protection of the seas and the protection of coral is of the utmost importance. For more than 100 years, the protection of the skin from the harmful effects of the sun is located in the heart of the research of NIVEA, which care for consumers from the dangerous UV radiation as the No. 1 brand of sunscreen. As important, however, is the protection of the environment and the NIVEA is focusing its investigations and in this piece, in order to provide the best possible quality with best possible protection for all.

One sunny summer day brings to everyone in the family joy, energy and mood for walks and swimming in the sea! Now with the complete line of sunscreen NIVEA SUN for kids and adults we can live summer to the fullest, without having fear of burn and irritation caused by the sun! Without anything to limit us and with the NIVEA ally, we are absolutely ready for the most unforgettable summer! Enjoy fearlessly in the sun with the guarantee of NIVEA SUN, the Number.1 brand sun protection in the world. With the starting point always taking care of even the most sensitive skin of both children and adults, the NIVEA SUN introduces the new, comprehensive range of sun protection for the whole family and gives us carefree moments of relaxation and fun under the sun!

Summer is the season of relaxation is the time when we just want to put ourselves in the warmth of the sun while enjoying hours of relaxation on the beach, and countless trips in the summer our destinations but also in the city! It’s the season, along with the children, we are our children too and we are glad of each “sunny” moment of the summer anymore our everyday life! The NIVEA loves summer like all of us, and takes care of so that the whole family could enjoy every summer moment to the fullest!

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