Women-Men-Children: All ages, meet in this brand

People that the philosophy and the way of life is very rock ‘n ‘roll and particularly cosmopolitan. People with respect for the environment and the nature, people traveling around the world. People smiling with particularly close ties with the communities in which they live and are active and open to new ideas and influences. From Scotland to Canada, from Paris to Tokyo, the colors that dominate the new season Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 in the collection of Benetton, it’s the red and the black in combination with white and gray, with plaid and striped patterns. Garments made of wool, with a specially dyed yarn, knitted with patches, plaid sweaters and prints. The women’s collection includes light-hearted mini-skirts with tulle, dresses with stripes, blouses with frills and romantic sleeves combined with punk details like studs and exposed zipper. The men’s collection includes stylish, quilted coats, jacquard jackets, jacket, bomber with jersey hoods, sweaters with a neck V and baggy pants. The children’s collection of Benetton –with t-shirts, sweaters, coats and dresses– it fits perfectly with the look of the collection of adults. Unique, true colors.

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