You don’t like sunscreen in the form of a cream?

Martin Traynor

As you may have findings, and you, the sophisticated compositions of sunscreen does not resemble anything conventional emulsions of the past which leave the skin white residue and a greasy feeling. Transparent, invisible, oil, water, two phase, in the form of mist, are some of the formulas that you can choose to accompany you on the beach, creating the face and body an invisible veil of protection from the UV rays.

Sunscreen, refreshing spray for face and body with the exotic aroma μονόι Dior Bronze Beautifying Protective Milky Mist Sublime Glow SPF 50 Dior. Invisible sunscreen body spray ideal for sports activities Citrus Sport SPF 20 Korres (in pharmacies).

Sunscreen gel for the face with antioxidants UV Expert Youth Shield Aqua Gel SPF 50, Lancôme.

Sunscreen oil for face and body with sunflower and water hyacinth Huile Bronzante SPF 30 Nuxe (selected pharmacies).

Bouncy, transparent sunscreen spray for face and body with moisturizing and soothing aloe Ambre Solaire UV Water Mist SPF 30 Garnier.

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