You have two minutes? You need to talk to you about our new skincare obsession (get a pencil and paper!)

Like most women we for to trick the countless -and a few we – hours of the day during the house arrest restriction, we threw it in the trim. Not that there was something better to do… Among the many products found in our hands at that time – either because of our professional position or because of our consumer-driven mania – we picked out a little, so much so that we can count on the fingers of one hand. The most important need of our skin, which we tried at all costs to cover – it was and will continue to be the hydration…

And looking craving product that you will embrace this wish of our skin we ran into a number we can admit that we particularly piqued my interest. After 60 full days of intensive testing – because we are your friends and you never suggest what and what – we are now in a position to talk to you about our favorite skincare habit now, which is none other than the new series Moisturizing for Young Skin the Apivita, Aqua Beelicious.

With respect to the nature and of course (redundancy!) in the women’s skin, this range consists of 4 products star, with cool light formulas, enriched with up to 98% ingredients of natural origin. This proposal -which is somewhere random read – was enough to intrigue me to try it. And so it happened, the first contact! The composition is based on the refreshing flower extract, as it is the κίστο, the iris, and the wild rose and the honey of flowers. As you know these ingredients are not selected at random… they Serve a great purpose for the company to create a revolutionary range of hydration which fills in a jiffy the water reservoirs of the skin, making it looks ultra shiny and giving it that silky (unsurpassed) touch all dream to have.

And because a picture’s worth a thousand words, behold the delectable products of Hydration Apivita Aqua Beelicious:

Booster and Rejuvenation
Hydration Aqua Beelicious Refreshing Hydrating Booster, Apivita.
Oil-Free Cream-Gel Moisturizer Aqua Beelicious Hydrating Gel Cream, Apivita.
Gentle Moisturizing Cream with a rich texture, Aqua Beelicious Comfort Hydrating Cream, Apivita.
Refreshing Gel moisturizer for the Eyes Aqua Beelicious Cooling Hydrating Eye Gel Apivita.

And that’s the key! Find out more about the new series of Hydration Aqua Beelicious of Apivita in @elle_greece, where you’ll find a detailed review of all of the products from the Fashion & Beauty News Editor of, Taygeti Lazou. Don’t lost this…

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