You know what is the absolute ingredient for beautiful and glowing skin?

A world first for the Korres

When the tradition meets science and research, then the result can only be guaranteed. Covering the most basic need of the skin, the hydration, with the most advanced combination of technology of prebiotics and probiotics and powerful natural actives, the Korres comes with the brand new pure recipe Greek Yogurt to give nourishment to the skin. Yogurt has a eulogise for their cosmetic properties, but conveys, at the same time, and a unique emotional baggage – it’s part of the Greek tradition and of the childhood of more as the ultimate “antidote” to dehydrated from the sun skin. The Korres was the first brand worldwide which is incorporated in the yoghurt in a cosmetic formula, the Yoghurt Cooling Gel in 2003, transferring in full the powerful hydrating action of a product, which reached a synonym of Greek summer, and the international best-seller of the brand.

Greek Yogurt Cream – Gel Day for normal – combination skin.

Yogurt: an incredible setting treasure beauty

Did you know that yogurt is one of the most popular ingredients with a proven beneficial effect, as it is a natural source of lactose, proteins, minerals and vitamins? The only this substance increases the moisture levels in the upper layers of the skin, has unique nutritional properties and is a powerful factor for intensive moisturizing of the skin.

Greek Yogurt Cream – Gel Day for oily skin.

Prebiotics& Probiotics: the new superfood of the skin

Having made the transition from the field of nutrition, and being no longer the subject of intensive research in the field of Dermatology, probiotics are the latest beauty buzz. These live microorganisms are “good bacteria” that help the skin to maintain his balance, allying with the trillions of bacteria that live in this area and strengthen the natural shield, known as the microbiome of the skin. Prebiotics is the energy source of probiotics – feeding on the bacteria, in order to maintain a balanced microbiome is essential to the good functioning of the skin barrier and the skin’s defense. In the new collection, the technology of prebiotics and probiotics gives a deeply hydrated, balanced skin, which has sufficient strength to maintain the youthful appearance and freshness.

Greek Yogurt Restorative Night Cream.

Waterpatch Complex: A rich source of hydration

The WaterPatch Complex which is the composition of all products in the series, is a moisturizing mesh biopolymers and hyaluronic acid of low molecular weight that could be likened to a tank of water for the skin that lasts 48 hours. It is a high-performance complex of moisturizing agents are released gradually to lock the water in skin. It is a powerful water boost, but also an effective protective film that ensures immediate and long-term deep moisturizing effect and makes the skin incredibly soft.

Greek Yogurt Eye Cream Against dark Circles.

Hyaluronic acid: the constant value of the hydration

Three types of hyaluronic acid – high, standard and low molecular weight contained in the formula, Greek Yogurt, offering maximum binding capacity of the water in the skin, improve the texture and strengthen the natural moisturizing barrier. The different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid allow the immediate and thorough absorption of the skin to serve its primary capacity, that is not other than to fill up the skin making it more dense and firm.

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