Zara and Jo Malone have created the new favorite fragrances

Both the Zara and the Jo Malone is known for their attention to detail and dynamics to present a unique and exciting product on the market. The energy surrounding this project has been taken from the past, present and future collections of fashion, which creates the Zara and have been loved all over the world.
“The Jo Malone CPE is widely known for its ability to travel with the fragrance of, by working with the team of Zara, inspired by the fashion collections of the company created these special aromas. We are very excited for this global cooperation, and we look forward to sharing with our customers”, says Zara.

“I’m glad to be a part of this amazing adventure of creativity and cooperation with Zara. Our first collection was designed by the global heritage of both brands Zara and Jo Loves; using materials that I have loved for many years. Each fragrance has been created with a personality and a voice to tell their story in a unique way. I hope you enjoy this first collection-it’s full of imagination and elegance,” comments Jo Malone.

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